Nonprofit CPA Chesapeake, VA

Nonprofit Tax Compliance Services

Michelle R. Montgomery, P.L.L.C. has vast experience in the unique domestic and international tax regulations that govern nonprofit organizations including Form 990 tax returns, state and local tax filing requirements, paying overseas workers, and compensation planning. If your organization needs to file for tax exempt status or your status has lapsed we can also prepare and file all the required paperwork so you can stay focused on your work. Call us today at 757-239-5222to request a consultation at a convenient time.

Non-Profit Tax Services

We will not only prepare your form 990 tax returns, we will also assist you with more the complex tax issues. We can offer IRS-recommended policies, help you with related entity issues, guide you through international tax requirements, and much more.

Help Filing for Tax Exempt Status

Avoid the frustration and complex paperwork associated with filing for tax-exempt status. We'll walk you through the process so its more efficient, much quicker, and a lot easier than doing it on your own.

IRS Tax Problem Resolution

If payroll tax problems, delinquent tax returns, steep tax penalties, or late FBAR filings are threatening your resources, we will work with the IRS to resolve the issues fairly and get you back on track.