Nonprofit CPA Chesapeake, VA

Why Choose Us for Nonprofit Accounting?

As a nonprofit organization you have your mission and as a nonprofit CPA firm we have ours, to equip nonprofits to reach their full potential. At Michelle R. Montgomery, P.L.L.C. , we take pride in serving nonprofits and there are several compelling reasons why we're the smart choice for your organization:

A Reputation for Excellence

We are the best at what we do, have the skill set to get it done, and work hard for each client until they are satisfied. We base our firm's decisions on values that stand the test of time and we seek nonprofit organizations that share the same values and principles.

Personal Attention That Produces Results

We are focused on helping nonprofits grow and flourish. We take the time to get to know  you and constantly seek to understand your issues, your environment, and your financial hurdles to proactively find solutions. 

Extensive Nonprofit Tax and Accounting Experience

Our accomplished team extends a wide variety of skills and are always striving to learn more. Collectively, our staff presents a comprehensive portfolio of accounting solutions and tax strategies to satisfy and improve Southeast nonprofits large and small.

Valued Relationships With Our Clients

Some CPA firms are ready to bill you on time but are missing in action when you have a financial question - not us. At Michelle R. Montgomery, P.L.L.C., we truly enjoy working with our clients and have a passion for delivering great customer service. So contact us anytime, we WANT to hear from you!